Connection Groups

Sundays @9:15am

We have serveral different Connection Groups on Sundays. We have listed below the various small groups with ages and gender. Please contact the church office if you have any questions: or 314.487.1730.

Click here to view pdf of groups.

Co-ed College & Young Adults
ROOM: 104
STUDY: Genesis—The Chosen Ones
LEADER: Bryan Davidson
Co-ed Adults, ages 25-40
STUDY: Distinct, Living Above the Norm
LEADER: Chris Angelo
Co-ed Adults, all ages
ROOM: 102
STUDY: Ephesians
LEADER: Mike Hardester

Co-ed Adults, all ages
STUDY: “Name Above all Names” by Alister Begg, “Kingdom Authority” by Adrian Rogers
LEADER: Johnny Kielholz
Co-ed Adults, ages 35-55
ROOM: 207
STUDY: Romans
LEADER: Chuck Easter
Co-ed Adults, ages 40-60
ROOM: 206
STUDY: Revelation
LEADER: Steve Todd
Co-ed Adults, ages 50–70
ROOM: 110
STUDY: Psalms
LEADER: Ron Walton
Co-ed, ages 65+
ROOM: 174A
STUDY: Chronological View of the Gospel in the Bible in 3 Years
LEADER: Ed Vaughan
Co-ed Adults, ages 55-70
ROOM: 201
STUDY: History of Evangelism in America, Christian Leadership
LEADER: Dale McGhee
Co-ed Adults, ages 55-75
ROOM: 105
STUDY: Joshua, Judges
LEADER: Phil Brown

Adult Men, ages 50+
ROOM: 107
STUDY: Matthew, Psalms
LEADER: Patrick Williams
Women, all ages
ROOM: 205
STUDY: Galatians—Fruits of the Spirit
LEADER: Debbie Angelo
Women, ages 50+
ROOM: 204
STUDY: Following God Series: Life Principles for Living the Greatest Commandment
LEADER: Barbara Hamilton
Women, ages 65+
ROOM: 108
STUDY: Matthew, Psalms
LEADER: Susie Petru