Bible Fellowship Groups

Sundays @9:15am

>>>JUNE–AUGUST 2017<<<

We have serveral different Bible Fellowship Groups on Sundays. We have listed below the various small groups with ages and gender. Please contact the church office if you have any questions: or 314.487.1730.

Click here to view pdf of groups.

Co-ed College & Young Adults
ROOM: 104
STUDY: Genesis—The Chosen Ones
LEADER: Bryan Davidson
Co-ed Adults, ages 25-40
STUDY: Distinct, Living Above the Norm
LEADER: Chris Angelo
Co-ed Adults, all ages
ROOM: 102
STUDY: Ephesians
LEADER: Mike Hardester

Co-ed Adults, all ages
STUDY: “Name Above all Names” by Alister Begg, “Kingdom Authority” by Adrian Rogers
LEADER: Johnny Kielholz
Co-ed Adults, ages 35-55
ROOM: 207
STUDY: Romans
LEADER: Chuck Easter
Co-ed Adults, ages 40-60
ROOM: 206
STUDY: Revelation
LEADER: Steve Todd
Co-ed Adults, ages 50–70
ROOM: 110
STUDY: Psalms
LEADER: Ron Walton
Co-ed, ages 65+
ROOM: 174A
STUDY: Chronological View of the Gospel in the Bible in 3 Years
LEADER: Ed Vaughan
Co-ed Adults, ages 55-70
ROOM: 201
STUDY: History of Evangelism in America, Christian Leadership
LEADER: Dale McGhee
Co-ed Adults, ages 55-75
ROOM: 105
STUDY: Joshua, Judges
LEADER: Phil Brown

Adult Men, ages 50+
ROOM: 107
STUDY: Matthew, Psalms
LEADER: Patrick Williams
Women, all ages
ROOM: 205
STUDY: Galatians—Fruits of the Spirit
LEADER: Debbie Angelo
Women, ages 50+
ROOM: 204
STUDY: Following God Series: Life Principles for Living the Greatest Commandment
LEADER: Barbara Hamilton
Women, ages 65+
ROOM: 108
STUDY: Matthew, Psalms
LEADER: Susie Petru