Connecting to God through prayer

Our desire is to start a movement of prayer to see revival and a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit, resulting in deepened love for the Lord and reaching our Vision2025 goals.

The Prayer Meeting

Join together with others to pray.


6pm in Room 304/305 (Kids Connection)

Submit prayer request
Let us know how we can pray for you.
We consider it an honor to pray for you and your request.
Prayer resources/tools
Use these helpful resources to learn more about prayer, deepen your prayer life, and gain a better understanding of what it means to pray in the Spirit.
  • Pray in Faith by T.W. Hunt
  • Prayer by Timothy Keller
  • Quiet Talks by S.D. Gordon
  • Spirit Walk by Steve Smith
  • Praying on Site with Insight by Steve Hawthorne & Graham Kendrick
Praying in the Spirit means:
  • The Spirit empowers the prayer and carries it to the Father
  • The prayer has a living relaxed quality characterized by warmth and freedom
  • We realize we are in God’s presence speaking to God
  • The Spirit illuminates your mind, moves your heart, and grants a freedom of words
  • Not praying in the flesh relying on human effort
How to Pray in the Spirit has three aspects:
1.  Admit our inability
2.  Enjoy the creation of a living communion with God
3.  Plead the promises of God with boldness and assurance

How can we pray for you?